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Monday, January 31, 2005

After The Storm - Free VHS Copies

Polluted stormwater runoff can have many adverse effects on plants, fish, animals and people.

Sediment can cloud the water and make it difficult or impossible for aquatic plants to grown. Sediment also can destroy aquatic habitats.

Excess nutrients can cause algae blooms. When algae die, they sink to the bottom and decompose in a process that removes oxygen from the water. Fish and other aquatic organisms can't exist in water with low dissolved oxygen

Bacteria and other pathogens can wash into swimming areas and create health hazards, often making beach closures necessary.

Debris - plastic bags, six-pack rings, bottles, and cigarette butts - washed into waterbodies can choke, suffocate, or disable aquatic life like ducks, fish, turtles, and birds.

Household hazardous wastes like insecticides, pesticides, paint, solvents, used motor oil, and other auto fluids can poison aquatic life. Land animals and people can become sick from eating diseased fish and shellfish or ingesting polluted water.

Polluted stormwater often affects drinking water sources. This, in turn, can affect human health and increase drinking water treatment costs.

After The Storm

A new half hour television special about watersheds--After the Storm--co-produced by The Weather Channel (TWC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) premiered on TWC on Wednesday, February 4, 2004 at 8 pm and 11 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

“I encourage everyone to tune in on February 4th to learn more about the threats facing our nation's waters from polluted runoff. After the Storm shows the connection between weather and watersheds and the importance of watershed protection. We all live in a watershed and we all have an impact on our environment."
-Benjamin Grumbles, EPA's Acting Assistant Administrator for Water

The show highlights three case studies-Santa Monica Bay, the Mississippi River Basin/Gulf of Mexico, and New York City- where polluted runoff threatens watersheds highly valued for recreation, commercial fisheries and navigation, and drinking water. Key scientists and water quality experts, and citizens involved in local and national watershed protection efforts provide insight into the problems as well as solutions to today's water quality challenges.

After the Storm also explains simple things people can do to protect their local watershed-such as picking up after one's dog, recycling household hazardous wastes, and conserving water.

VHS Copies of the After the Storm Video

VHS copies of the "After the Storm" program are available now. If you would like to order a free copy of the video, please call the National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP) at 513-489-8190 or 800-490-9198 or send an email to ncepimal@one.net.

When you request a VHS copy of the "After the Storm" (VHS), please refer to EPA document number: EPA 840-V-04-001.

This tape is intended for education and communication purposes in classrooms, at conferences, etc. It may also be aired on cable or other TV stations, as EPA now has the full rights to the program. Stations may air all or a portion of the program. If a portion of the program is aired, please ensure that you include in your broadcast that the program was co-produced by EPA and The Weather Channel.

The VHS copies of "After the Storm" include closed captioning so the program is accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Information excerpted from the EPA site at: http://www.epa.gov/weatherchannel/

Friday, January 28, 2005

Pure Water Is Crucial

Pure Water Is Crucial To A Child‘s Development

Other than just being smaller‚ children‘s bodies are really quite different than that of an adult.

Because many of the crucial defense systems that help protect adults from disease are not fully developed in children‚ they are much more sensitive to carcinogens‚ lead and water-borne parasites than adults. Just as medications and other chemical compounds effect children differently than they do adults‚ so do contaminants in our air‚ drinking water and foods.

Water is the body‘s only way to flush out these toxins and the purer the water is to start with... the higher its capacity is to collect and cleanse these harmful compounds from the body. Pure water helps a child‘s defenses grow stronger and perform better; giving them the protection they need during those fragile developing years.

A child‘s immune and detoxification systems are still developing into and throughout their early teens. Exposure to trace levels of chlorine, toxic chemicals & lead in drinking water during childhood years has been linked to increased risks of disease and learning disorders in later years.

A recent Baltimore study showed that children with higher blood-lead levels have a significantly higher rate of problem behaviors than children with low blood-lead levels. "This study lends support to the belief that undue exposure to lead in childhood years may have a pervasive influence on the prevalence of juvenile delinquency in this country."

A mixture of chemicals such as chlorine‚ lead‚ herbicides‚ pesticides and a host of other contaminants are commonly found in our water supplies‚ and in many bottled waters. These trace levels of water borne chemicals have been documented to have adverse health effects on humans‚ and especially on small children.

Unfortunately the health standards that determine how much and what levels of these toxins are permitted in our drinking water are all based on the potential effects on adults. These "Maximum Contaminant Levels" (MCLs) are also based on the false assumption that we are only exposed to one chemical at a time. We commonly find traces of several dozen different toxic chemicals in tap water.

A recent report by the Environmental Working Group‚ called "Into The Mouths Of Babes"‚ found that of 29 Mid Western cities tested all had at least one agricultural chemical present and that most had 5 or more in a single glass of tap water!

The report also points out that 45‚000 mothers in these 29 cities were unknowingly making infant formula with tap water containing three or more toxic chemicals.

Often there are out breaks of chlorine resistant parasites like Cryptosporidium and Giardia in city water supplies‚ as was the case recently in Milwaukee WI‚ when over 100 people died and 400‚000 became sick in less than a month‚ mostly children and the elderly‚ when the water system became contaminated with Cryptosporidium. This intestinal parasite causes flu like symptoms‚ but can be fatal to small children and older adults... and is not controlled by chlorine.

Childhood Asthma‚ Cancer‚ Leukemia and immune disorders have all risen in the last decade. Many experts and studies suggest that this is partially due to children‘s increased exposure to environmental toxins and their decreased ability to detox. Water plays a major role in a child‘s exposure to toxins and in their body‘s ability to get rid of them.

A child consumes 3 times as much water per pound of body weight than an adult does‚ so they get a bigger dose of the chemicals in their water‚ and they‘re developing bodies are simply much more sensitive to the harsh effects...

An increased intake of clean healthy water is one of the easiest and best ways to help promote good health for our children.


Why Choose Aqua Di Vita™ Scalarwave Structured Waters™?

Vita Genesis, Inc. prides itself on providing you with quality and excellence.
Our waters are among the purest you will ever find.

We provide you with water, as it should be: colorless, odorless, crystal clear, and no flavor.

When you try our waters, you will find a very clean and refreshing taste unlike any you have ever experienced before. There are no added minerals, chemicals, or other ingredients.

It's Your Life..Drink Deep!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

How much Rocket Fuel would you drink?

Rocket fuel pollutes Southwest water
Sunday, January 5, 2003 CNN.Com

A toxic chemical used to fuel Cold War-era missiles and the rockets that put man on the moon has left a legacy of contamination across the Southwest, where it pinches the region's already tight supply of drinking water.

The chemical, called perchlorate, pollutes much of the lower Colorado River -- the main water source for 20 million people across the Southwest -- and has forced the shutdown of hundreds of wells in California. State and federal officials are still debating how much risk perchlorate poses when ingested and what limits should be set for the chemical, a process slowed partly by lawsuits filed by defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin Corp. that worry they could be on the hook for billions of dollars in cleanup costs. Thousands of people have sued the companies that once made or handled perchlorate, alleging years of drinking water laced with the chemical have caused cancers and other illnesses.

Adrienne Wise-Tates, 46, has had tumors of the brain and ovaries, multiple cysts in her breasts, cancerous cells found when she had a goiter removed and, most recently, an unknown mass in her left kidney. It can affect the thyroid and can disrupt how the gland regulates metabolism. It's unclear how much is dangerous.

Initially, it was thought perchlorate pollution would be restricted to places where rocket fuel was made or used. However, it's since been tied to plants around the country that made munitions, fireworks and even the charges that deploy airbags.

"Anything that explodes seems to be associated with perchlorate," said David Spath, chief of the division of drinking water and environmental management for the California Department of Health Services.

Along with explosives, naturally perchlorate-rich fertilizer imported from Chile has contaminated wells on New York's Long Island, forcing some to close. "We need to be able to say to people that this is a problem, it is a big problem. It is moving rapidly. It is in 22 states and we need to address it," said Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California. "We don't need to panic, but we need to do it in a way that's cost-effective and makes sense."

The single largest source of contamination is a former Kerr-McGee Corp. rocket fuel plant outside Las Vegas. For decades, wastewater containing perchlorate was left to seep into the ground, a company official said. "There were probably 20-plus years when we didn't have the environmental awareness we have today," said Pat Corbett, the former plant manager who is now the company's environmental technology director. The site still leaches as much as 900 pounds of perchlorate a day into a wash that drains into the Colorado River, the main water source for much of Arizona, southern California and southern Nevada.

Across the nation, millions more eat vegetables grown with Colorado River water.

What risk the vegetables could pose, if any, is unknown. "It's really one of the most massive pollution problems the water industry has ever seen," said Timothy Brick, a member of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's draft proposal is stricter: one part per billion. Perchlorate in the Colorado River has been measured as high as 9 parts per billion. It will take years to discover the extent of perchlorate contamination nationwide, and cleanup will take decades more, to the consternation of people like Wise-Tates. "I would just hope no one else has to go through this, but I am sure they will, until they find some way to clean up the water," she said.

FAQ's on the EPA - Environmental Protection Agency website

Does my water contain perchlorate?
There have been confirmed perchlorate releases in at least 20 states throughout the United States. Additional information and maps detailing those sites are available in the draft assessment report. EPA, other federal agencies, states, water suppliers and industry are already actively addressing perchlorate contamination through monitoring for perchlorate in drinking water and source water. The full extent of perchlorate contamination is not known at this time.

How is perchlorate removed from water?Several types of treatment systems designed to reduce perchlorate concentrations are
operating around the United States, reducing perchlorate to below the 4 ppb level. Biological treatment and ion (anion) exchange systems are among the technologies that are being used, with additional treatment technologies under development.

Is perchlorate-contaminated water safe to drink?
EPA's draft toxicity assessment is preliminary and thus, it is difficult to make definitive recommendations at this stage. It is also important to recognize that estimates contained in the draft assessment are designed to be conservative. In other words, there are adjustment factors built into the estimate to help account for uncertainties in the underlying data and information used. Other factors that influence the answer to this question include how much water is consumed, the degree of perchlorate contamination and the health status of the consumer.


Look again at the last question. How much rocket fuel are you and your family willing to drink in your water? How long will it take the EPA to take action? In the meantime are you willing to risk drinking contaminated water while they study how it may harm you?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Perchlorate in Water affects Lettuce Supply

U.S. Lettuce Supply Likely Contaminated With Rocket Fuel

Winter lettuce crops in California are contaminated with perchlorate, a component of rocket fuel, which can harm humans, especially infants and developing fetuses, according to a study.

Exposure to perchlorate, which is highly water-soluble, can cause mental retardation, loss of hearing and speech, and motor skill deficits in developing fetuses. The compound is a known contaminate of drinking water in 20 states and also contaminates the Colorado River, which irrigates 70 percent of the United States’ winter lettuce supply, according to the study.

In the study, researchers analyzed 22 commercial lettuce samples, including prepackaged and head lettuces, adult and baby greens, and organic and conventionally grown.

Four of the 22 samples tested contained perchlorate in excess of 30 parts per billion (ppb). The highest sample, mixed organic baby greens, had 121 ppb. In 2002, the Environmental Protection Agency found that perchlorate in drinking water poses health risks in concentrations above one part per billion.

Based on those results, the study researchers concluded that 1.6 million U.S. women of childbearing age are exposed each day to levels of perchlorate above the EPA's recommended safe dose from winter crops of lettuce alone.

According to the study, lettuce, which is being sold in U.S. supermarkets, absorbs and concentrates significant amounts of perchlorate from polluted irrigation water.

Moreover, close to 90 percent of the U.S. winter lettuce supply is grown in Southern California and Arizona with irrigation water from the Colorado River, which is contaminated with perchlorate.

However, several groups have come out against the EPA’s recommendation, including the Pentagon and several defense contractors, who could be responsible for billions of dollars in potential cleanup liability for perchlorate pollution, arguing that perchlorate is safe in drinking water in quantities 70 to 200 times greater than the EPA’s recommended safe dose.

Definitive data on the levels of perchlorate in U.S. produce was supposed to have been available years ago, however, the Defense Department reportedly would not fund the estimated $215,000 needed to collect samples of vegetables, leading some environmentalists to question whether the Defense Department really wanted to know if perchlorate was contaminating food.

According to one environmental scientist, "If they can spend $1 million on a cruise missile, it seems kind of ridiculous they won't spend $200,000 to see if our food is contaminated with rocket fuel."

Researchers of the current study say that their results are not conclusive due to their small sample size. However, they hope that their results will spur the federal government to conduct a more definitive study that will take a comprehensive look at the potentially widespread perchlorate contamination.

Wall Street Journal April 28, 2003


More Rocket Fuel in Lettuce

Lettuce and other vegetables grown in fields irrigated by the Colorado River may contain higher amounts of toxic rocket fuel than is considered safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Leafy green vegetables grown with contaminated water store and concentrate potentially harmful levels of perchlorate, a thyroid toxin that is a main ingredient of rocket and missile fuel, according to tests.

Further, aerospace and defense contractor Lockheed Martin, a major user of perchlorate, reportedly knew as early as 1997 that vegetables stored high concentrations of the chemical, but did not release the information to health officials. There is also speculation that the Department of Defense may also have known, but did not warn other agencies, farmers or consumers.

Analysts recommend that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) begin testing on vegetables grown with water from the Colorado River, and, if harmful perchlorate levels are confirmed, take immediate action to reduce contamination and keep the food off the market.

Additionally, farmers who are adversely affected by perchlorate contamination of their crops should be fully compensated for all economic losses.

Perchlorate has contaminated close to 300 drinking water sources and farm wells in California and an unknown number of sources in at least 15 other states. The chemical impairs the thyroid’s ability to take up iodide and produce hormones that are critical to proper fetal and infant brain development.

The EPA doesn’t plan to adopt national standards for perchlorate in drinking water until at least 2006, although elected officials in California are calling for faster federal action.

However, it appears that vegetables grown with perchlorate-contaminated water may pose more of a threat than drinking water.

According to a 1999 study of lettuce seedlings grown in perchlorate-contaminated water, perchlorate was accumulated in the leaves by factors of 100 times or more. The lettuce was able to take up and store 95 percent of the perchlorate in the water, which means that lettuce grown in water with even low levels of perchlorate could deliver doses far higher than the EPA’s provisional drinking water standard.

Despite preliminary research that suggests food is likely to be an equal or greater source for perchlorate exposure than drinking water, this hasn’t been reflected in the proposed drinking water standards, which would need to be substantially lower to account for the exposure coming from food.

Environmental Working Group June, 2003


How much rocket fuel do you feel is safe for you and your family to drink in your drinking water? Government regulation and standards are slow to be put in place. People can drink a contaminated water for years before the EPA acts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

How is Your Water?

How is Your Water?

Water: Your Source of Vitality, Clarity and Connection!

This friendly greeting is common to every ancient and indigenous culture on Earth. Western scientists are now discovering what sustainable ancient civilizations and native peoples have always known--that water is a living being. Water is alive. It is intelligent. It has a consciousness and memory. Water can convey information, emotion and vitality. And water responds intimately to human communication.

Before our materialistic age lost the ability to sense subtle energy, water was a sacred substance used for purification, healing and regeneration: baptism, holy water, the holy Ganges, Loudes and other healing springs, spiritual visions of the Ocean of Love, myths of the Flood, and the drinking of sacred waters when visiting an oracle or a shrine. The Sumerian goddess Inanna had a vase in place of a heart, from which flowed miraculous water. Tibetan monks still chant regularly around the community water supply. Water thus energized assists the villagers in the cure of all physical ailments and social disharmonies.

What we are still in touch with is that we live on a water planet, unique and unlike any other in our Solar System. All of the humans, animals, trees and life forms that live here come from water. Our human body is 70% water. The earth is called the Water Planet because 70% of its surface is covered with water. Around the planet, leading-edge research (or is it ?re-search?) is reporting amazing, new, measurable evidence about exactly how this fundamental substance supports and sustains our lives.

Water Reflects Our Thoughts

Researchers are now demonstrating to us scientifically what ancient and native peoples also knew?that our thoughts affect our own vibrational energy which directly affects the structure of the very water within our bodies AND within our environment. Dr. David Schweitzer, grandson of Albert Schweitzer, is the first scientist to photograph the effects of thoughts captured in water. His photographic evidence shows that water can act as a liquid memory system capable of storing information. In Canada, also, water is being explored as an information carrier. The super business computers of the future will be made of mostly water?just like the one in your skull.

Water Has a Great Memory

French scientists, led by Jacques Benveniste, have proven that water can retain a memory of molecules that it once contained. In 1988, the prestigious British scientific journal Nature published the French experiments showing that if water containing antibodies is diluted repeatedly until the water no longer contains a single molecule of antibody, the water still retains its antibiotic power. Water will become the medicine of the future if we can just unlock a few more of its secrets.

Water Resonates with Our Vibration

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto's water crystal photographs provide factual physical evidence that the vibration of positive human intention, thoughts, prayer and music affect the molecular crystal structure of water?and can make the water we consume more clear, clean, healthy and harmonious to our well-being.

Water Re-vitalizes Itself

Victor Schauburger, a German forester, discovered many of the wondrous secret properties by which water recharges and re-enlivens itself. In nature, bodies of water that are left undisturbed by man seek to imbue themselves with the geomagnetic energies that pervade our planet. They turn within themselves, wind, bend and bubble, froth and foam, spiral and cascade. From these actions, a strong renewal occurs in streams and lakes. Also, these untouched waters have the striking ability to neutralize and transform poisons and toxins that are added to it. In this natural process, the water is cleansed and revitalized.

How Is Your Water?

As the ancients would ask, "What is the health of the water you're putting into your body?" Clean, clear water is needed for the delivery and absorption of nutrients. Vital, alive water is needed for the elimination of wastes and pollutants. The quality of your life is directly connected to the purity and integrity of your water.

Revolutionary Structured Water

Recently a new process has been discovered that returns water to a more natural, ancient state. Structured Water is water that has been re-structured to give the water the identical life-enhancing properties that water used to possess thousands of years ago when the Primal Life Force and electromagnetic field of the planet was much stronger and when global pollution was non-existent. Today this form of bio-active water exists only in remote places on Earth where unique geological conditions give these natural springs ?miraculous? healing powers that other water sources simply do not have.

The life-promoting qualities of Structured Water are instrumental in key cellular functions of the body. The core of a cell's DNA is a column of Structured Water. Unlike tap water, rain or mineral water, Structured Water has a particular characteristic which allows it to pass freely through cell walls delivering oxygen, nutrients, protein chains and enzymes and removing the toxic build up that accumulates in our cells. These basic cellular functions serve as the foundation for almost every action and reaction in the body?thus emphasizing the importance of giving your body the best water you can find. In order for water to work optimally with the cells in your body, the structure of your water needs to have certain bio-dynamic properties that allow it to pass freely through the cell membranes. Therefore, if the water you drink consists of molecular structures that are too large or are interlaced with toxins or chemicals all of the important functions that water is responsible for in the body are greatly compromised.

When we are young, our bodies are full of Structured Water. As we grow older and drink the commonly polluted and dead water of our modern civilization, our body's Structured Water becomes unable to move freely through our cell walls. Research has shown that the lack of this specific form of water is responsible for cellular aging and cellular health problems, leading to the common physical and emotional ailments of our modern society.

Water to the Rescue

Water is the sustainer and purifier of our planet. It is no accident that both the planet and our bodies consist mainly of water. Why should it therefore surprise us that the greatest changes we could make for Earth and ourselves would deal with this mysterious substance? May the next glass of water you drink will transport you to a new place as you gain more knowledge of the liquid potential you are holding in your hand.

Vita Genesis - Aqua Di Vita™

Article by by Keith Varnum

Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and are provided for informational purposes and are not intended for diagnosing, treatment, cure, or prevention any disease

Friday, January 14, 2005

Water and Arthritis

Water and Arthritis

Arthritis pain and stiffness is now understood to be initially a result of increased friction and swelling in the bone joints. Our body uses water to lubricate these joints. When our water levels are reduced, especially as we age, there is increased friction between the cartilage surfaces resulting in swelling, stiffness and pain. The amount of total body water decreases with age, as does what is often known as the thirst mechanism. This is why many people, as they age, have little desire to drink water. The movement of the joints cause a suction that pulls water from the bone marrow to the joint cavity if there is available water through proper hydration. An increased intake of water and gentle rhythmic movements of the joints can ease and in many cases overcome arthritic pain.

A more detailed explanation of this is outlined in the book, The Body’s Many Cries For Water by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.

Other supplements can help ease your arthritis and joint pain.

Glucosamine is a natural sugar produced by the body and found in certain foods. It plays an important role in the production, maintenance, and repair of cartilage. It stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans and proteoglycans, two essential building blocks of cartilage.

Chondroitin Sulfate reduces inflammation and drives the Glucosamine and provide maximum absorption in protecting against future cartilage degeneration.

Vitamin A (Beta carotene) is essential for growth and repair of body tissues and it aids in bone formation.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) produces a mobilization of your body's self-defense mechanisms, which assists your immune system to overcome disease.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which acts to protect red blood cells and unsaturated fatty acids from oxidation damage. It also assists your body in maintaining healthy membrane tissue.

Vita Genesis offers a liquid Glucosamine based nutritional - Joint Plus. This is Glucosamine with Chondroitin and MSM in an Aloe Vera base. We also have a liquid vitamin product called Daily Essentials Plus, which contains all the vitamins listed above and more, also in an Aloe Vera base. All you need is one ounce of Daily Essentials Plus per day to achieve your daily vitamin needs. We recommend both products with the Aqua Di Vita waters to help maximize absorbtion. Visit www.vitagenesis.com for more information.

Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and are provided for informational purposes and are not intended for diagnosing, treatment, cure, or prevention any disease

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

More excerpts from the Water Puzzle

Today we have excerpts from 3 more chapters of the book "The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key" by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon.

Chapter 4 Water Structure at Interfaces

“…we have found that the water immediately surrounding normal protein forms a greater percentage of hexagonal structures. We have also found that the water surrounding abnormal (cancer-causing) proteins has a significantly decreased number of hexagonal structures and an increased number of pentagonal structures.”

“…the water surrounding normal DNA is highly structured, and much less mobile than the water around abnormal DNA. This tightly-held and highly structured water which surrounds normal DNA acts to stabilize the helical structure of the DNA.”

Chapter 5 Hexagonal Water and Human Health

“…At the cellular level, aging causes a shift in the ratio of water inside vs. outside the cell. The volume of water inside the cell is reduced and cells “wither” just like the skin on the outside of the body.”

“…the metabolic rate has been correlated with the amount of cell water turnover in the body and both have been linked with health and aging. When seen from this perspective, cell water turnover becomes an important marker for overall health and longevity.”

“Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water. Since aging is associated with the loss of Hexagonal Water from the body, it has been suggested that consuming Hexagonal Water results in a general slowing of the aging process. Several studies support this premise.”

“When considering the differences between pentagonal and Hexagonal Water, Hexagonal Water is the preferred choice. It is energetically more powerful! Hexagonal Water improves cell water turnover and supports metabolic efficiency.”

“In the human body, structured and disordered water exist at the same time and we have shown that the body’s survival rate decreases as the amount of disordered water accumulates. …Once again, an important key to health is the amount of hexagonally-structured water we have in our bodies.”

“… the water environment of both cancerous and diabetic cells is less structured and the surrounding water is able to move more freely than the water around normal cells. Accordingly, both cancer and diabetes have a common feature – the destruction of water structure at the cellular level.”

“In our experience, we have found that when individuals consume Hexagonal Water, the cellular water environment improves, contributing to increased health.”

Chapter 6 Drinking Hexagonal Water

“Even though the source of the water we drink is important, the structure of that water is the key. The best water for human consumption is Hexagonal Water. This water is characterized by a small cluster size (verified using NMR technology) which penetrates the cells much faster (verified with Bio Impedance testing), supplying nutrients and oxygen more efficiently than unstructured water.”

“Even our scientists, biologists and doctors have studied everything in water, without considering that the water itself and the structure of the water may be playing an equally, important role. Going forward, we have the opportunity to look at the whole picture and come to a more complete understanding of the relationship between water and life.”


Everyone serious about the type of water they are drinking or about promoting Aqua Di Vita Order should consider this book a "must have" in as part of their library and as a marketing resource.

Vita Genesis, Inc. - Featuring Aqua Di Vita

Monday, January 10, 2005

Proper Hydration

How Essential is Proper Hydration to Your Health?

Everywhere you look you see ads or information about the benefits of
the proper hydration.

How much water should you drink every day?

A general guideline is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. For example a 120 lb. woman would drink 60 ounces a day. The average person’s body is about 70 percent water. As you age this decreases, especially among the elderly who are often known for not liking to drink water. The fact is we all require constant hydration throughout the day to help maintain optimal health and energy. By drinking water throughout the day, your help maintain levels of hydration needed to optimize your physiological function.

What are the benefits of proper Hydration?
Here are just a few you can experience...

-increased energy
-weight loss
-mental clarity and alertness
-healthier skin and nails
-healthier hair
-healthier and stronger joints
-stronger immune system
-faster recovery from illness or surgery
-faster recovery from workouts or physical activity
-reduced hypertension and
-lower cholesterol
-slowing the aging process (water is often viewed as the true Fountain of Youth!)

As you can see the health benefits from proper hydration are extensive. On the other hand dehydration can have a serious negative impact on your health. Dehydration often goes unnoticed and untreated.

Here are a few signs of dehydration:

-Fatigue and weakness
-Dry mucous membranes in nose, mouth, or throat
-Nosebleeds (especially in dry interior air during winter)
-Dark, concentrated, strong-smelling urine in small quantities
-Irritability or unusual irrational behavior
-Weak, irregular pulse
-Low blood pressure
-Shallow, rapid breathing
-Constipation or cramps

Do not take dehydration lightly. Signs of dehydration should be addressed quickly to prevent further serious medical consequences. Older people and women are often at greater risk for dehydration because they have less muscle mass and lower body water content than men.

Often people believe that drinking soft drinks, coffee, or ther drinks which have water in them are adequate for to rehydrate. These drinks containing materials or other dissolved solids and many are diuretics, which may dehydrate the body.

"Just water?"

Tap Water

Even water like tap water or many bottled waters contain a large amount of dissolved solids. This is why it is important to drink the proper kind of water. Ordinary water does not have the same ability to exchange cellular fluids with the same efficiency as pure water. The next time you are in a restaurant and tell the server you want "just water", think about what you might be putting in your body.

Hexagonal Shaped Water

Lisa Johnson, CEO and President said “If you really wanted to clean your body and be healthy, why would you put anything but the purest water you could find into it?. Aqua Di Vita is the solution to proper hydration."

If you are not a customer or Associate and are interested in trying a sample
please visit www.vitagenesis.com
or email support@vitagenesis.com

Read more about Proper Hydration Here

Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the FDA and are provided for informational purposes and are not intended for diagnosing, treatment, cure, or prevention any disease

Excerpts from the Water Puzzle

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon has taken 40 years of research and condensed it into a simple book that will help you to understand why Hexagonal Water is so important.

Excerpts from "The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key" by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

Chapter 2 The Pieces of the Water Puzzle

“Water is indeed a puzzle with many properties that defy explanation. For example: Most students know that water freezes at 0° C and boils at 100° C, however if water were to follow the pattern of the other liquids in its class, it would boil at -60° C and freeze at -90° C – a huge discrepancy.”

“Most substances contract (increase in density) as the temperature falls. Water is different. Its density reaches a maximum at 4° C. just above freezing. After that, it begins to expand as it freezes. Although this is highly unusual, it is the reason that ice floats rather than sinking to the bottom of a body of water.

Water’s unusual changes in density were some of our first indicators that water had a unique structure.”

“Water has an unusually large heat capacity (the largest known), allowing it to absorb a considerable amount of heat with a minimal change in temperature. This is of great significance for biological organisms. It means that the human body can resist temperature changes even when environmental temperatures are extreme.”

“An intriguing quality about water, and one that has only recently begun to be explored, is that it has the ability to “remember.” Water will hold the frequency or vibration of a substance which has been placed in it – even after the substance has been removed. In other words, there is a lasting effect when water is influenced with any form of energy and it has the ability to carry this energy for prolonged periods of time.”

“There are dozens of “abnormalities” surrounding the properties of water. One thing is quite certain - water could not exhibit so many unusual characteristics unless it had unique structural qualities. The abnormalities of water are our best clue to understanding its unique structure…”

Chapter 3 The Specific Structure of Water

“In the world of water, there is no place for the loner - single molecules do not last long in a fast-paced dance where small groupings predominate. The single H2O molecule is a rare occurrence and is quickly snapped up by new partners that change every 100 billionths of a second. In other words, water is an interconnected, mass of predominantly five and six-membered units, forming a unique lattice that gives water many of its unusual qualities.”

“Temperature is one of the factors that determines whether water combines to form hexagonal or pentagonal groups. When bulk water is examined to measure the proportion of hexagonally-shaped structures, temperature makes a big difference. At 10° C., 22% of water is hexagonally-shaped. However, at the freezing point (0° C.) 26% of water is hexagonally-shaped. And, somewhere between -30° and -40° C, water reaches the super-cooled state where it is 100% hexagonally-structured.”

“…the key to the unusual characteristics of water was found in its structure. Accordingly, the molecular weight of water – (H2O)2 - generally accepted to be 18, ought to be calculated based on a combination of pentagonal and hexagonal groups which predominate in bulk water. In other words, water is comprised of different percentages of (H20)5 (molecular weight, 90) and (H20)6 (molecular weight, 108), depending on temperature. Using these revised molecular weights and an understanding of water structure, the unusual characteristics of water can be mathematically explained.”

“…the specific heat of Hexagonal Water is higher than that of pentagonal water. What this means is that Hexagonal Water has a greater capacity to perform work – to expel wastes, to absorb temperature changes and to protect against various other energetic influences.”


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