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Sunday, February 27, 2005

New Vita Genesis Forum!

February 27, 2004

Vita Genesis is pleased to announce the opening
of the new Vita Genesis, Inc. - Aqua Di Vita forum.

Visit it at this link.

This forum can be used a resource to help build your
Vita Genesis business and get to know other Associates
in the company.

Company news and announcements will be also be available there.

Go now and register (Free) to be a Forum Member.

Visit daily and join the discussions!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Drink Up! For the well-being of your brain


Did you know? In the United States, close to 19 million people have depression, reports the National Institute of Mental Health.

Below is an excerpt from the book, “20/20 Thinking – 1,000 Powerful Strategies to Sharpen Your Mind, Brighten Your Mood, and Boost Your Memory. (Author: Maggie Greenwood-Robinson, Ph.D.)

Water may very well be the ultimate “neuronutrient” when it comes to the health of your brain. We need water to think, learn, stay alert, and feel good mentally. In fact, drinking enough water each day is one of the easiest, smartest moves you can make for preserving the health of your brain.

For one thing, water peps up your mental performance. Ever wonder why you feel mentally sluggish during the day? It could be that you’re dehydrated, which technically means you’re running low on water. In a study of subject’s abilities to perform mental exercises after experimentally induced dehydration, a fluid loss of only 2 percent of body weight caused a whopping 20-percent reduction in arithmetic skills, short-term memory, and the ability to visually track an object. Also, severe dehydration results in mental confusion and disorientation.

For another, water is an unsung hero when it comes to mental well-being. That’s because water hikes up serotonin – the brain chemical involved in regulating mood, anxiety, stress, depression, pain, and memory. Serotonin known as the “happiness neurotransmitter,” is associated with tranquility, calm, and emotional well-being. Serotonin is produced in the body from the amino acid tryptophan found in protein foods. At night, the pineal gland in the brain converts serotonin to the sleep hormone melatonin. Low levels of serotonin may increase the risk for depression or suicide. Brains of women produce two-thirds as much serotonin as those of men. This may explain why women are more prone to depression than men are.

Some cutting-edge research with lab rats suggests that dehydration reduces levels of this feel-good chemical in the brain. By contrast, when animals were given sufficient water, serotonin levels rose. The lesson here:

Water may turn out to be one of our best all-natural uppers yet!

To maintain peak mental capacity, drink eight to ten glasses of pure water every day!!

Sodas don’t count, either. Consider this: More than 70 percent of an 8-ounce glass of water is absorbed by the stomach, and only 6 percent of the same amount of soda is absorbed. Plus, diet soft drinks contain artificial sweeteners and other chemicals. How these additives affect the brain is unclear. For these reasons, water is the PREFERRED CHOICE FOR THE FLUID YOUR BRAIN NEEDS.

Aqua Di Vita™ Structured Waters™
Vita Genesis, Inc

Statements contained herein were not written by Vita Genesis, Inc. and have not been evaluated by the FDA and are provided for informational purposes and are not intended for diagnosing, treatment, cure, or prevention any disease.

- Article courtesy of Terry Rhoades, Independent Executive Founder, Vita Genesis, Inc.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Juice or Water for Children?

Aqua Di Vita Water is not just for adults, it is suitable and a great alternative to soda, sugary drinks, sports drinks, or juice for children.

From CNN.Com Monday, February 7, 2005 Posted: 11:09 AM EST (1609 GMT)

Study links juice, chubby children

CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Sweet drinks -- whether Kool-Aid with sugar or all-natural apple juice -- seem to raise the risk of pudgy preschoolers getting fatter, new research suggests.

That may come as a surprise to parents who pride themselves on seeking out fruit drinks with no added sugar.

"Juice is definitely a part of this," said lead researcher Jean Welsh of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While fruit juice does have vitamins, nutritionists say it's inferior to fresh fruit. The new U.S. dietary guidelines, for example, urge consumers away from juice, suggesting they eat whole fruit instead.

The bottom line, though, is that "children need very few calories in their day," Welsh said.

"Sweet drinks are a source of added sugar in the diet."

She said preschoolers were better off snacking on fruit or drinking water or milk.

Read the entire article: